Bespoke Path


“When you are on your own, deciding upon a family wealth firm to hire comes down to a leap of faith.  Without this process and confirming our thinking, as well as being alongside us in every meeting, I’m not sure we would have pulled the trigger.” – Satisfied Private Family Member

What is our three-step Bespoke Suite process, and what does it include? 


Phase I: Discovery & Education- Getting to know your family well, including your situation and objectives, as well educating and enabling you on the fantastic range of choices and options available, which are many times, little known or fully appreciated.

Phase II: Selecting Candidate Firms to Interview- Introducing you to a select number of candidate family wealth firms which represent your optimal options, which draws upon our very own Bespoke Suite of best-in-class firms. We would be alongside of you to assist you in interviewing each of them, and we would arrange to have them all come to you.

Phase III: Deciding Upon the Best Firm to Hire- Based upon interviewing the select number of candidate firms in the previous Phase, we would help you determine one or two finalist firm(s) to visit with you onsite at their offices. Based upon the best possible fit, we would assist you in negotiating the best placement for your chosen family wealth firm.

Consider the Option of a Limited, Second Opinion.

You have two choices when hiring Bespoke. We can take you through our complete proprietary three-step process, as described above, which is what most private families decide to do. However, know that you can opt to simply hire us for a Second Opinion, which includes a preliminary review of your current situation and your current financial advisor firm. As a result of this latter option, we can often determine after this first look, whether you would benefit from upgrading to a family wealth firm. While this is still a paid engagement, it is more limited in scope. Some private families and/or their trusted advisors prefer this Second Opinion approach, whereupon they hire us for the complete Bespoke Path assignment.

What is our “art and science” of a best-fit match and how do we go about attaining that for our client families?

We have the empathy and the experience to know how difficult it is to keep your family together and on the same page. It is taking this appreciation and knowledge, applying what we know about you and the family wealth industry, which allows us to shepherd you through our proven, proprietary process to find you the best-fit match in a top-tier family wealth firm. Read more…

What are the most common blind spots on the part of most private families?

Blind Spot No. 1: Not Knowing What They’re Missing Read more…

Blind Spot No. 2: Trying to Find a Firm on Their Own Read more…

Blind Spot No. 3: Moving Too Quickly After a “Trigger Event” Read more…

What kind of client is Bespoke best suited to serve?

We are not for everyone, as we are selective as to whom we sign on as clients, just as you are discerning about who you hire. Through our experience, we have found that we are best suited to serve the following profile of a private client family:

  1. You reside in North America and have a net worth in the range of $30 million to $300 million, although we have served families outside of those boundaries.
  2. You are pre-qualified to work with us (please refer to our Self-Assessment Tool)
  3. Your family is serious about going through this process together, and your family has a proven track record of making decisions as a family unit.
  4. You were referred to us via a source that we know (a client family or a trusted advisor).
  5. You are a delegator, as you most appreciate and are willing to pay a fair price for trusted advice.
  6. On the other hand, you are not a delegator; rather you do most things on your own. Yet you are coming to realize that someday you won’t be capable, around, or could just lose interest in handling your own affairs. Accordingly, you seek a transition, as your family will need the services of a top-tier firm that can take care of them, beyond you and your generation.
  7. You are motivated to make a change in your financial advisor firm, realizing that you have likely outgrown them.
  8. Your family – over time – is likely to have changing, complex needs. As your family matures, grows and expands, these needs will evolve. You realize this and think past today’s needs.
  9. You may have recently experienced a “trigger event,” such a sale of your business, the passing of a loved one, a divorce, or other sudden money event.

Read more…

How do you work with our family’s trusted advisor(s)?

Many times, we are brought in by a trusted family advisor, often due to the family having just experienced a trigger event. Therefore, the family asks their trusted advisor, “What do we do now?” Akin to their family physician calling upon an expert specialist, we are frequently called in to assist the family and their advisor in search of a higher level of family wealth services. Read more…

Why do you ask that our family be pre-qualified to work with Bespoke?

You will find that we ask that our client families share private information about their situation, their family, and their life dreams, goals, and fears. In addition, there is a certain time commitment, and there needs to be a willingness to meet with us several times throughout our process.

From our side, Bespoke is best suited to work with families who have in excess of $30 million net worth, and our average family is well above that level (please refer to the section: What kind of client is Bespoke best suited to serve?). We also have a minimum threshold of compensation for taking on any family.

Pre-qualification of your family is not about meeting our standards. Before you are going to commit to sharing this information and spending time with us, we believe in making certain that we’re a mutual good fit in working together. Read more…

How does your Client Onboarding Committee work?

We first ask that you are pre-qualified (this takes a few minutes; please refer to our Self-Assessment Tool), plus we would like to talk with you and learn some things about you and your family. Read more…

How do you charge for your services?

Bespoke is engaged on a flat retainer fee, which includes a minimum threshold amount for any family engagement. This base fee is then adjusted based upon our estimated time, which is largely a factor of...Read more…

How do we get started?

Upon hearing from our Client Onboarding Committee, we submit our Letter of Engagement to you, which spells out your financial commitment, each party’s responsibilities, as well as the process steps and timing - for your complete understanding and acceptance. Read more…

How long does this entire process usually take?

We have found that in most cases, our propriety process takes approximately 180 days, once we are formally engaged with you. Read more…

Bespoke Suite

Bespoke Path is our proprietary, three-step process utilizing the art and science of a best-fit match. We are your advocate. We coach you and your family, based upon understanding you and your needs first, then finding what represents the best fit for your family.