Your family deserves more.  Why is finding a top-tier family wealth firm so important to your family?  Managing your money is only one of the important concerns.  Even more important is the ability to keep your family and your family enterprise together and sustainable. Read more… 

We understand best practices that can assist in keeping your family together. We appreciate the critical success factors in the highest performing families, and we understand the challenges in keeping your extended family a sustainable one. Your family enterprise and the family dynamics surrounding it are a combination of blessings and challenges. Learning that other families share these same situations can be liberating, but learning how they have successfully met these challenges is one of the most important steps towards keeping your family functioning and together.

We have the empathy and the experience to know how difficult it is to keep your family together and on the same page. It is taking this appreciation and knowledge, applying what we know about you and the family wealth industry, which allows us to shepherd you through our proven, proprietary process to find you the best-fit match in a top-tier family wealth firm.

This is why it is so important for your family to find and begin working with a best-in-class family wealth firm. They can show you how to keep your family together and sustainable. It is our job to make certain that happens.

This marketplace is extremely inefficient. Today, only one out of seven families with a net worth exceeding $30 million in North America are served by a family wealth firm. We estimate that there are approximately more than 10,000 financial services firms advising families in some capacity, but only 500 of them would be what we would classify as a family wealth firm (for an explanation of what family firms are and what they offer, please go to this page). Of these 500 family wealth firms, we believe only 10-15% of them would be what we would consider as top-tier and worthy of our matching them with your family. Read more… 

It then comes down the art and science of a best fit match. Under the current circumstances, the chances of a thoughtful, private family finding a top-tier family wealth firm that also is a best-fit match are quite low. One thoughtful observer that leads a best-in-class family wealth described the process of how families find them as a “random walk”.

Bespoke was founded on the principle of helping families stay together and be sustainable.  This enables families to be more efficient, aid them to maintain/grow their wealth, and to lead more fulfilling, balanced lives.  Through sustainable philanthropy and investing, these more purposeful families are able to improve the world around them with the reinvestment of their family capital.  This in turn gives the entire family more purpose.

Bespoke also fulfills an economic need of matching private families with family wealth firms, due to the inefficiencies present in the marketplace today.

As a result, both our client families and the firms that serve them benefit greatly from our unique services.